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Internet letter to BBC host Andrew Marr

Friday, 10th March 2017

Dear Mr Marr,

Recently, President Trump tweeted he had been wiretapped on his predecessor's orders, and every newscast that I've seen bring this news, added that Mr Trump hadn't shown any evidence to back up his accusation.

All my justified criticism of the old media set aside, I praise the old media for underlining the importance of that, the importance of people who make accusations being able to show evidence for that, or at least strong circumstantial evidence. Especially so when they make their accusations public and thus contribute to how millions of people perceive ideas, facts and politicians. Like the climate, the opinion climate needs care; it needs people to clean it, not further pollute it.

So when your country's defence secretary, Sir Michael Fallon MP, was on your show on October the 9th last year, and among other things, said that the Russians even had tried to interfere on the Dutch referendum on the Ukraine EU treaty earlier that year, I missed a question on your part for his evidence of that, because he forgot to mention it himself.

So, for the next time Mr Fallon is honouring your programme by his presence, may I be so bold to suggest you do put some questions about that to him? I am thinking of questions like: "Do you have any evidence for that?" and "Are you willing to share the evidence with the Dutch government, if it would ask for it?"

Please don't do it to humour me, do it in the interest - seriously - of peace and harmony between the nations.

I am thanking you in advance for your reaction, which I will publicize on my website.

Too bad you didn't reply to my letter in 2011, you know, the one about your guest Baroness Kennedy's remark that the people with power are not the politicians.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Schoot

P.S.: I'll send you this letter by mail. I published it on my website on the 10th of March.

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