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Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?



      By 'reversal' I mean an event that will make the general public aware of Torahism. Regardless of how and where the current taboo on Torahism will be broken, it will once happen, God willing. How much turmoil in which countries then will arise is anybody's guess, but for everyone with a sense of responsibility it will be clear that calm and self-control should come first, and that unrest and violence have to be prevented.

The governments in the West will suddenly be looked at by millions of their citizens with different eyes - yet they are invested with the legal authority, and there can be no undoing of matters like the maintenance of law and order, and proper judicial proceedings. Everyone's life and property must remain unviolable. And if the efforts to convince electoral majorities of necessary changes may succeed, and that is a big 'if', then those changes can only be realized by parliamentary way, and thus by gradual transition. The downward developments of decades can't be corrected by overstraining matters in the opposite, upward direction. That's why the only revolution that should take place, is the necessary one of broadening the general public's perspective.

In fact, after the reversal, the rules of democratic decency will be more than what moral awareness obliges to - democratic decency is not to be underestimated as an expedient to make the public aware of what's really going on. They will notice that few opinion leaders are prepared to serve true democracy by their words and attitude, and that many opinion leaders want to serve the fake democracy behind which Torahism is hiding. Mosaic extremism is, of all the forms of extremism, the most gifted in portraying itself as the zenith of civilization and moderation.

Those who want to challenge Torahism can be expected to get washed over by a devastating wave of old media publicity that will leave them with an image that is so negative, no-one in his right mind will join them. The targeted persons will have to endure this with a certain stoicism. In the West, today's TV presenters, today's politicians, today's celebrities enjoy the trust of countless people, and since most of these opinion leaders are likely to be Torahism-friendly, their voices, multiplied by as high a figure as there are television sets in people's houses, will amount to a formidable influence on the general public's mind. That's hard to counter by one or a few individuals who will only have a website to make their own voice heard. (Still, better than nothing...)

Those who want to resist Torahism might also land in legal problems they now can't anticipate.


Torahism's aim will be to deter as many people from initiating or joining a Christian Patriotic political party as possible. As far as Torahism is concerned, it will never be a matter of who's right and who's wrong. All that matters to Torahism is holding on to power, and it will do everything within its power to prevent a fair, reasonable, constructive public debate from arising. Be prepared for intensified scare-mongering, a thousand comparisons with you-know-who, and a host of yelling fanatics on the TV screens to intimidate the millions watching at home.

The remedy against such foul tactics is to keep on advocating the best traditions of parliamentary democracy: calls for calmness, for non-violence and for respect for those who worthily voice opposite views. Large numbers of people, in any given Western country, are hopefully still willing to listen to opinions that are completely deviating from the same old opinions the old media have been telling them for years, on the condition that these new, these unexpected, these shocking opinions are well-argued and are persistently put forward in a calm and worthy manner.

Once the Western nations have become aware of Torahism, and from there, once they realize that the wellknown political parties they've always been voting for, were in fact always only serving the interests of Torahism, and not the country's general interest, that will then come as a big shock to them. It will be the shock of everyone who suddenly finds out he or she has been deceived for many years.

The sooner the initial turmoil and dismay lie down, the better, and it should make way for a truely high-quality public discussion, in which many familiar political slogans of the past four decades will be exposed as deceptive and subsequently filtered out. In all fields of politics, be it in ethical questions, the economy, culture, immigration, or international relations, misleading slogans have done destructive work, not in the least leading to wars that never produce peace, the last 15 years.


In case the reversal might lead to political violence, Heaven forbid, the wellknown leaders of the existing political parties should be asked, by means of internet letters, whether they agree that differences of opinion should only be solved in a democratic way, regardless of the revulsion over one another's political views, and whether they are willing to condemn violence against people sympathizing with the Christian Patriotic cause.

Every wellknown opinion leader who looks set to provoke violence or to gloss over violence, should be asked very critical questions about it immediately. Inflammatory slogans, sneaky or subtle as they may be, should be exposed as such as quickly as possible. People who get angry over the uncontemporary arguments and standpoints Christian Patriotism will put forward, should be made clear that behind the screens, persons are at work who would love to see angry people do the dirty work, so that those persons continue to have a clean criminal record themselves.

Every European country is most likely to harbour a considerable number of people, experienced or experts in an important field, who, once working at governmental departments, universities or the judicial world, saw up close how the new rulers as from the 1960s forced their political agenda through, if necessary by manoeuvring these experts to the exit door, because the latter's "oldfashioned" or "obsolete" expertise simply disagreed with the "modern", "liberal-progressive" insights. If these people want to talk about their experiences publicly, then that would help everyone realize what has taken place behind the screens.

One example: the loudmouth "liberals" in the US, and the loudmouth "progressives" in Europe, with their unlimited access to television, told the audiences as from the 1960s that criminals were actually the victims of society, a slogan that materialized in the policies in the decades that followed, resulting in a soft touch on crime, which of course has contributed significantly to the huge rise of crime as from the 1970s.

After Hitler, Stalin and Mao, there is a widely shared aversion to the phenomenon of dictatorship - now, it's necessary for the European nations to reconquer democracy from Torahism. That talks about democracy a lot indeed, yet has misused its possibilities to establish Jewish dictatorial rule (supported by legions of non-Jews), and to realize its nation-wrecking goals. After Nazism's 1930s-1940s, and after Torahism's 1960s-2010s(?), the 21st century is loudly calling for the development of an excellent democracy that teaches the Europeans to rule themselves well.


      Where malign rulers caused large numbers of people great injustice over a long period of time, the risk arises that, once the tables are turned, the new liberating and innovating political movement overdoes it in carrying through changes. The self-criticism starts fading, the relief over the disappearance of the old yoke easily turns into the wrong kind of triumphalism, like: now they'll notice we are in charge. That overdoing, understandable as its originating emotions are, has certainly to be prevented. The undoing of one injustice can't be allowed to feed other, new injustice.

The right way of living together with the Jews should be the result of the combination of carefulness and resolve. Naturally, the nations shouldn't have to endure (any longer) that their existential and economic interests be jeopardized by Torahist malpractices, on the one hand. (That's only now, in December 2014, a shocking and oppressed message.)

On the other hand, understanding has to be shown, in deeds as well as in words, for the reasonable desires of a minority that's looking after its own interests. Above all there has to be understanding for the Jewish collective trauma caused by the Holocaust, an understanding that should never let itself corrode by the annoyance on moments when the Holocaust is being referred to for improper political reasons.

Arguably, the proper way to go about this is:
1) during discussions about legal measures to push back Torahism, always to have a ready ear for valuable counterarguments, among all the jeers, threats and premature complaints;
2) to take only the inevitable minimum of legal measures, I'll come back to that later;
3) to check periodicly whether the relevant legislation is still necessary;
4) to wield a style of communicating to and about Torahism that is as subdued and business-like as possible, and thus free from mocking, satire, sarcasm and resentfulness.

Speaking of that style of communication, Dutch magazine HP/De Tijd once printed a small cartoon, by the looks of it firstly publicized in the Dutch-speaking press of the 19th or early-20th century. The cartoon showed a man in a fancy suit, his caricaturally drawn face made him clearly recognizable as a Jew, and he was standing on a narrow ridge of an abyss, fearfully looking downwards. The translated caption was: 'The only way out'. Presumably, this was a biting comment on some big scandal or another in which Jews were involved. Once more I realized: things should never go that hateful way ever again.


      If there is one terrain in which Torahism has to be pushed back, then it is in the realm of the old media, especially television. Those television and radio organizations living of the taxpayers' money must absolutely become organizations that are reporting on Torahism, not under orders of it. All other efforts to change those laws that are nowadays only benefiting Torahism, are probably doomed to fail, if this TV issue hasn't been taken care of firstly.

This is so important, because of the connection that as good as certainly exists between Torah passages like Exodus 23:29-31 and Deuteronomy 7:22-24, passages in which slow genocide of the non-Jews is presented as one of Torahism's holy causes (!), and the Western TV content, as it has been influencing the millions of livingrooms as from the 1960s.

Because of this TV content, today's omnipresent yet misleading opinion climate rose to dominance, an opinion climate in which matters like non-committal serial "relationships", easy divorce, staying childless, abortion, pornography, prostitution, "gay marriage", euthanasia and assisted suicide got embellished by the shining aura of "progress", "freedom" and "emancipation".

The posh-sounding terms "multiculturalism" and "globalization" are embellishing matters like the ever growing number of foreigners and the increasing number of children, born from two nations or races (no offence intended of anyone emotionally involved in this issue).

In this way, in this providing of moral decline and creeping loss of national identity with an embellishing image, the Western television makers have created and are maintaining a delusional, deceptive view of the world, and millions of viewers have inadvertently made this view their own, because of the TV makers' superior rhetorical and image-building talents. This delusion has over the decades become so dominant in so many people's minds, that it is depriving them of their sight on the ever more problematic reality their nations got stuck in, because the said "progress" etc. is in fact amounting to, makeshiftly worded, slow self-genocide.



      Warnings against Torahism, regardless of showing understanding for the feelings of the Jews, regardless of clearly voicing one's abhorrence of National Socialism's atrocities, have, whichever way you look at it, something important in common with the world view of National Socialism.

Given the 2014 opinion climate, most people will immediately associate criticism of the Jews with the Nazis and the Holocaust. That is an automatism that the old media have created. After all, they are constantly filling the memory of the audiences with images and words that feed and strengthen that association. Just think of the German three-part TV drama 'Our mothers, our fathers', that was also broadcast by the BBC. The programme dealt with the experiences of a group of friends during WW2 and the press gave it loads of free publicity. The goal of TV content like that seems clear: the dirt of the past has also to be rubbed in the minds of today's Germans, although the overwhelming majority of them were born after 1930. Apparently, the Germans of our times too are supposed to live their lifes while bashfully looking at the ground, although two thirds of a century have now passed since Hitler.

So once the reversal has taken place, Torahism shall not tire to inflate the part that Christian Patriotism and National Socialism have in common, and it shall not tire to obscure or to belittle the crucial differences. It will do so to such an extent, that Christian Patriotism will look identical to National Socialism in the eyes of the general public.

Torahism's perfidious calculation will be that the majority of the people, unknowing victims of emotional manipulation for decades anyhow, will be more inclined to believe the familiar lies than some truths that, most unfortunately, were perhaps also said by Hitler. (I haven't read Mein Kampf.)

All the politics involved are so complicated, that they can't do without thoughtful and subtle explanations - but especially the old media know that thoughtful and subtle explanations are wasted on many people, and the old media themselves excel in quickly thinking of story angles and easily understandable sentences, in order to push the general public's thinking into the 'desired' direction.

So it will be hard to parry this, but it can be tried in the following ways.


The differences between Hitler's views of Jewry and Christian Patriotism's are essential, and they will need to be emphasized constantly.

The first difference is the insight that Torahist Jews are the victims of indoctrination. The Torahist mentality is the self-reproducing product of sectarian indoctrination of very young, defenceless Jewish minds. Their brainwashing during their growing up takes place with the very degree of perfection you can trust the world's most intelligent people to have developed in nearly four millennia. So the goal is not to attack the Jews as persons, but the goal is to highlight and to defuse the fatal Mosaic doctrine, by exposing all the dangerous lies and deceit it is generating. The whole of the anti-Torahist effort has to be carried out in such a way that it positively influences the discussions in the Jewish indoor world.

Diametricly opposed to this insight stands the wellknown fact that Hitler's hatred of the Jews blinded him to such a degree, that he didn't make a distinction between the Torahist mentality and the Jewish body. To Hitler, Jews were like bacteriae and rats.


The second difference is that it is high time for the non-Jews themselves, the Europeans in this case, to blame themselves for their own gullibility, their own passivity, their own intellectual laziness and their own self-indulgence, for that has also contributed to the mess Europe is in right now. In other words, there is deceit and seduction in the world, yes, there is even lengthy, systemic, very intelligent and creative deceit and seduction in the world, yes, with destructive goals, yes, and that really has to be stopped once, yes, but it is also true that millions of people let themselves deceive and seduce; it is also true that the European nations let themselves estrange from their traditional Christian values, the past 50 years, like it is also true that many people just keep on voting for all those political parties that, by passing bad laws, made the very crying idiocies possible, that will irritate these voters the next four years again.

Hitler put the blame on the Jews only.


The new awareness of the Mosaic problem should under no circumstances lead to a rehabilitation of Hitler, the NSDAP party and the Third Reich. Please also read 'Question 6' of Fourteen questions to myself

Reproaches that a policy idea resembles one of the Nazis, have to be taken seriously, and when it emerges that it is still a good idea, the simple answer is that we shouldn't posthumously allow the Nazis to take the good ideas away from us. In other words, the world doesn't have to say (any longer) that "two plus two equals three", or "five-ish", only because the Nazis said "four".

A considerable part of the protest against a Christian Patriotic political initiative will be good-natured, well-meaning. It has to be engaged by an indefatigable preparedness to discuss constructively, to bring forward tabooized facts, to expose untruths, to refresh people's memories, to paint the complete picture.

Opinion leaders who try to link criticism of Torahism to the Holocaust, should be asked why they are silent about the millions of Hitlers's non-Jewish victims, and why they are silent about the genocidal Mosaic doctrine. If these opinion leaders keep silent to such simple yet to-the-point questions, their references to the Holocaust can be regarded as malicious attempts to confuse the public and thus to defend no-good rulers.


After the reversal, there should come a law against extreme political libel, to prevent malevolent opinion leaders from sowing discord and fear, by making undeserved comparisons with Hitler. They should face a fine of discouraging proportions. This is not a plea for a witch-hunt; naturally, prosecutors have to take into account that people simply could have made a slip of the tongue.

Every sensible person values the freedom of expression, but finds it okay that there are laws against insults, slander and libel. In that consensus lies the possibility to deliver the Western opinion climate from those eternal bromides, the references to 1933-1945, that are always so fatally affecting the forming of the public opinion.

Exactly because Hitler's dictatorship became synonymous with crimes against humanity, every deliberately made unjust comparison with it should be regarded as extreme political libel and be prosecuted and punished accordingly. This will not only achieve that malicious minds will think twice before they open their mouth, it will also help the general public realize that a future Christian Patriotic government takes offence with Third Reich-related insults. It will help people realize that a future Christian Patriotic government will fundamentally differ, by nature and by political goals, from Hitler's regime, although there will be a similarity with regard to the world view, namely the awareness that there is such a thing as Torahism.

In time, the new government can decide to abolish the severe anti-libel law.


During the 3,500 years of Torahism's existence, sensible and caring governments in the entire world have taken measures to protect their peoples against it. Yet, just like most people of today know nothing about Torahism, they obviously don't know anything about those sensible anti-Torahist measures either. That calls 1) for educating the nations about Torahism, and 2) for an inventory description of anti-Torahist measures, taken in the course of time in all those countries. Firstly, that inventory could come in the shape of a large article, in print as well as online, and that article should serve as the overture of a book on the matter, scholarly resistant against the most acidic of attacks. Derived from that book, a popularized version can be published later on, in combination with a series of TV documentaries and/or TV dramas, plus a major TV debate after the final episode of such a series.

Such informative efforts can be expected to become eye openers for the nations. People's discovery that very many countries, in all centuries, were on their guard against Moses's children, will help detach the 21st-century insight in the problem from the paralyzing association with 1933-1945, the association that is always suiting today's Western rulers so well.

The new information will also have another favourable result on people's thoughts. Millions of Europeans will be surprised to realize that their own countries too once had governments who didn't want their nation to be disadvantaged and harmed by Torahism. That discovery will rightly make the Europeans wonder why today's politicians always keep silent about it then. Furthermore, the pushing aside of the curtain, now still hanging for this part of history, will render good ideas for the inevitable minimum of legal measures, referred to in paragraph 2.

In that more honest and thus innovative history-writing of the future, it should never come to the glossing-over or belittling of the non-Jewish violence and injustice, inflicted upon the Jews. The goal must be to (finally) tell the general public the whole story, as to liberate their minds from today's omnipresent deceitful portrayal of all matters concerning Jewry.


      The millions of Africans, Arabs, Asians, East Europeans and others who migrated and are still migrating to (Western) Europe the last decades, should remigrate to their own countries; it is a necessity that is extensively explored in the main text.

Now, after the reversal, this is an idea that will meet very great resistance, massively fanned by the old media; it is an idea that will also find some approval, but at any rate, it is an idea that might put utter strain on society's stability. The rise of the socalled 'multicultural society' as from the 1960s is as good as certain the doing of Torahism, and that will go to extremes to suppress the idea of remigration. To counterbalance that, the indigenous European peoples have to be explained how severely they were and are being hoodwinked by the language the rulers always speak.

So long as the migration towards Europe is taking place, that migration is accompanied by a multi-media stream of nagging admonitions and incitements, top down from society's upper layer towards the socalled ordinary people, sounding like: 'Don't be a racist. Don't be far right. Don't be anti-Semitic. Have no prejudices. Don't discriminate. Don't hate. Don't be xenophobic. Don't be islamophobic. Don't vote for populists. Be open to the world. Be tolerant. Help asylum seekers. Celebrate diversity' - without any politician ever asking the people for their opinions and their experiences, while these terms were being defined.

That deficit can't be highlighted enough.
Democracy has actually been misused to constrict people's thinking.

For a long time, the European citizen could logicly assume he or she was listening to rulers sincerely filled with horror over Hitler's atrocities, but in this day and age, the vocabulary above should really be regarded as the vocabulary of a system that likes to dictate but not to listen. It is the vocabulary of a system that wants to break the Europeans' mental resistance against mass immigration and prolonged racial and ethnic mixing, and that minimally seeks to sow divisiveness and tensions within the borders of every European nation.

The overdose of confusion that is typical of today's public opinion, should be countered by the clarifying effect of internet discussions on the basis of news reports, related with migration, race and religion.

Of course events do occur in which the rulers and the population are unanimous in their rejection of real racism and real rightwing extremism. The overall condemnation in Germany of the socalled Döner murders, committed by neo-Nazis, is a good example. No, it are the numerous wrongs, crimes and incidents involving foreigners that on the one hand conflict with the sense of justice, the common sense and the patriotism of the indigenous people, but that on the other hand the indigenous people aren't allowed to criticize, under the penalty of the aforementioned punishing vocabulary from the rulers' side, if not under the penalty of career damage or prosecution.

The likelihood is there is a huge gap in the whole of Europe between the rulers and the ruled, and it is necessary to make that gap visible. Internet letters will be helpful there, because if these aren't answered, more and more people will realize that their indignation, their concerns, their love for their country simply don't matter to the rulers. It will help more and more people realize that since the 1960s, we've come to wander dangerously far from the original ideal of democracy, after all the form of government in which the demos, the people, ought to have the final say.

By means of internet letters, the old parties can be asked the questions that the old media never put to them, and, again by means of internet letters, the old media can be asked questions about biased reporting and about the questions they never ask. All that will contribute to the cleaning, no, to the detoxicating of the current opinion climate. And then, gradually, the idea that the non-Europeans and their descendants should return to their home countries, will slowly lose the eccentric image that it has now, and it will slowly gain ground in people's minds as the most sensible political choice, in the interest of the future of their country.


      Spiritually, the re-evangelization of Europe still has a chance of success, in spite of the massive anti-Christian campaign by the old media and the secularization that followed. Albeit subconsciously, the European peoples presumably still maintain a certain connection with the Christian values, although many people no longer know the New Testamentical origin of these values. The memories of those generations of Europeans who, because of their age, can command an overview on the past four, five decades, can be helpful there.


      A group of people that is in control of the old media - as said, especially television - has the power to provide every important idea with an image, that makes that idea look civilized, attractive, or just unattractive, uncivilized in the eyes of the public, and it is as good as certain that in the past 50 years, the old media in Europe are being misused to burden constructive ideas by a negative, "conservative", "oldfashioned", "bigoted", "authoritarian" or even a "fascist" or "Nazi" image, and to propagate destructive ideas by means of a positive, "liberal", "progressive", "modern", "cool" image, and since ideas make people do things, that same half of a century saw this part of the world decline to the morally ruined, ageing and slowly dying, ethnically chaotic, crime-infested, enormously indebted, monetarily crippled Europe of today, confused by pseudo-intellectual chatter and pushed into wars, this Europa that under the 'guidance' of the Tusks and the Junckers is on its way to become a Torahist unity state, only geographicly still European, with "Brussels DC" as its capital.


      If you don't want the British people to slowly disappear, but on the contrary, if you want the best for your country, without resentfulness towards other nations, if you want Britain to be ruled by the British people and not by the Jewish minority, if you are sick and tired to be spoken to by politicians who seem to think you are a child without memory, then please realize that we are living in extraordinary times, in which waiting for others to do something is not enough.

A first step might of course be to inform other people about this website, but a warning is now in place. The hope for the long term is to accomplish a change of mind within Torahist Jewry, to try and make them look at the Torah objectively, from a distance, as through the eyes of an imaginary Jew, born a 100 years before Moses wrote the Torah.

Yet realism commands to acknowledge the following about the immediate future. The Torahist ambition - no, obsession - to gain power over other nations was left unchecked, unreported, for a long time and the likelihood is that gradually, Torahist Jews came to occupy ever more key positions in society: in banking, in the media, in corporate business, in politics, in the civil service, in the academic world, to such an extent, that they were able to form a network that is now actually governing the country, whereas the media continue to lead the general public to believe they are being governed by the political parties they chose in office. And during all this time, to date, Torahism's film and TV screens have been reminding the audiences of Hitler, WW2 and the Holocaust over and over again, to make the audiences feel bad about themselves the moment they think something negative about the Jews. So Torahism is arguably at the pinnacle of its power, after 3,500 years, and it will stop at nothing to prevent a successful counter-initiative from arising. It will, for instance, not hesitate to try and start a civil war, if it believes that's what it takes.

If a Christian Patriotic counter-initiative indeed proves to be successful, Torahism will never forget about the idea to take revenge, because Jews are able to keep an idea alive for centuries on end, if need be. Before the State of Israel was founded in 1948, Jews celebrating Passover spoke the wish 'And next year in Jerusalem', for about 1,900 years on a row, to keep the idea alive they should once return to the country they were expelled from by the Romans.

You can expect to suffer from the greatest personal misery, if you decide to join others who are taking on Torahism. These are the times in which The Guardian wrote the headline 'How GCHQ is watching your every move' (please see the text 'The NSA scandal' of September 2013 on the initial page). These are the times to realize that our countries, Britain, The Netherlands, have most probably become Torahist dictatorships.

So please, make sure that you act out of conviction.

Speaking for myself, if I hadn't been absolutely sure I had to do it, I would never have begun this initiative. That said, I will go on.

Richard Schoot, 11th December 2014

Britain, The Netherlands, Europe are in very big trouble, in my view. Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian Patriotic parties, and it is very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at
      If you come to agree with my views, please always remember that the only way out is a peaceful and patient way. Not a single foreigner or Jew can be held responsible for the country's present situation. Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others if their anger may cause them to do foolish things.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.


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