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The text below is an edition of 7.6 of the main text.

How to neutralize the well-known
words of mass intimidation

"Racism". "Xenophobia". "Hate crime". "Discrimination". "Prejudice". For decades now, the old parties and old media have been hurling these words at us, and because of it, many people feel insecure to speak their mind, when their hurted sense of justice fills them with annoyance and indignation. So it's time to learn to say something back.

If someone accuses us of being a racist, we might answer something like: 'Realism is not racism and the racial differences are a reality. People working for multinationals can tell you that races and peoples are different all over the world, just like we can witness for ourselves now in this country'

Such an answer rightly puts the 'racism' accuser in a defensive position he or she won't get out of, simply because the truth can't be refuted. One of the venomous things about the word 'racism' is that it silently suggests that any recognition of racial differences can merely be based on hate. We simply have to free ourselves from the pressure of that malicious suggestion.

Another artificial low-class word is 'xenophobia', literally: the manic fear of foreigners. A comparable expression in other European languages is to be translated as 'hate towards foreigners'. It's a disgraceful word. In ever more European residential areas the foreigners are beginning to outnumber the indigenous people. The old order however calls the latter 'xenophobic' to suppress their natural feelings of uneasiness. If someone copies the term 'xenophobia' in a conversation with us, we can reply to that by saying something like: 'Most people want to live in a group which they feel familiar with. There is nothing wrong with that. It's an innocent desire. There is only something wrong with the efforts of media and politicians to smudge that desire. We don't accept that any minority wants to decide for us that our people have to be mixed away, for whatever strange ideal, or any other European people for that matter. As if you should apologise for it, if you want our people to continue to exist! How did things ever get this far? It's an outrage.'

If someone steps forward and says: 'I am anti-fascist', we can say: 'We are even doing better than that, we are anti-totalitarian. We believe that the bullets of the far left are as deadly as the bullets of the far right. We are anti-fascist, anti-Nazi, anti-communist, anti-any minority that wants to rule us dictatorially. Why don't you call yourself anti-totalitarian?'

If Jewry, the Painful Passages* and anti-Semitism are brought up, and someone says: 'I am a Jew', we can say: 'That's good for you. Are you in sympathy with the Torahists or with their victims?'

If someone calls us 'anti-Semitic', we can say: 'No, we are not. Indignation over underhanded, damaging behaviour is not anti-Semitism.'

If someone says: 'You are a conspiracy theorist', we can say: 'The Torahists have to resort to secretive actions, to conspiracies. If they would pursue their ill goals out in the open, they wouldn't come very far. This is so obvious that one wonders: what's keeping the politicians and the media from saying the same thing, from warning us against it?'

If someone says: 'You are old-fashioned', we can say: 'Why did some fashions become old and why did other fashions totally disappear? Apparently, there are a limited number of fashions with a timeless merit for human stability and happiness.'

If someone reproaches us with 'discriminating' and 'having prejudices', we can answer: 'Throughout time we and earlier generations have learnt that certain groups of people have certain pecularities. Why should we ignore our own collective experiences? The term discrimination isn't always justified. There is such a thing as doing justice to differences.'

If a person says: 'The world belongs to everybody, we are global citizens', a possible reaction is: 'Who are you to decide this for the whole of our people? There has never been a national vote in which we deliberately gave up our country as being the country of our people. The foreigners have two countries now, but this is the only country we have got and it is diminishing under our feet. If the foreigners want economic wealth, let them study the ways we acquired ours and work hard for it in their own countries, with our help if necessary, instead of slandering us for our colonial past all the time. They are far from being perfect themselves.'

If we meet people who despondently say: 'This country has gone down the drain already, it is too late to do something about it', we can say: 'Yes, there is a crisis, but let's regard it as a temporary crisis. We have had bad times before, yet we've always managed to flourish again.'

All in all, we need to become people with an attitude again, in the pleasant moderate sense of the word. Self-confident people. But please note, we have to go about this with much care and respect for other people's integrity and opinions. We can't blame many of our countrymen, especially the younger generations, for using the words the old media have been hurling into our living-rooms for decades. And if we get involved in a hefty discussion, let's show some understanding for other peoples' emotions, since these are all very sensitive subjects, and when feelings run high, let's simply stop debating. That's really the best thing we can do. Quarrels will only work against us.

         Richard Schoot, 9th May 2007

* The 'Painful Passages' are 3,500-year-old Hebrew texts, by which Jewish children are being frightened and brainwashed to the present day. It is a tabooized fact of life that is originating a supremacist, even genocidal mentality within a part of Jewry.

Britain, The Netherlands, Europe are in very big trouble, in my view. Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian-patriotic parties, and it is very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at
         If you come to agree with my views, please always remember that the only way out is a peaceful and patient way. Not a single foreigner or Jew can be held responsible for the country's present situation. Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others if their anger may cause them to do foolish things.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.

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