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Thoughts about 9/11, seventeen years on

Like every September the 11th, this year too my thoughts wandered off to that historical September the 11th, now seventeen years ago. I can recall I had been visiting the city centre of Den Haag (The Hague), and after returning to my mother’s home, where I was living temporarily after some serious adversity, I switched on the TV as usual to see the NOS news on Ceefax, and there it was:

Hijacked planes ram WTC towers in New York.

We immediately switched to CNN and looked at the astonishing events unfolding, in New York and Washington, and the place of the crash of a plane that was said to be on a terror mission too.

You thought of all the people trapped in those towers, of the brave firefighters and police officers and paramedics going into the places of doom that, once collapsing, everyone outside tried to run away from as fast as they could.

When it happened, I was already busy for three months making notes for my internet book, and that day and the events that followed, like the war against Iraq, obviously got a prominent place in my book, which I completed at the end of 2003.

It would always only be a matter of time before conspiracy theories about 9/11 would come to the fore on the internet, but I have never taken the trouble to go deeply in those theories, although my own book contains a (well-argued) conspiracy theory including 9/11 itself. There was for instance this film on the internet called ‘Loose Change’. It got considerable media attention, but I never watched it, or its sequel. Mine was a more passive attitude; if the wellknown broadcasters like the BBC would go into 9/11 conspiracy theories, I would watch it, but nothing more.

And so, I saw a programme made by the BBC, in their ‘The Conspiracy Files’ series, dealing with 9/11; I think this broadcast took place about ten years ago. I can remember two parts.

One, a civil engineer or an architect, a man of repute in his profession, who, if I am not mistaken, was the initiator or one of the initiators of a website dedicated to finding the truth about 9/11. This American maintained that the impact of the planes and the fires that followed could not explain for the coming down of the WTC towers, no matter what the critical BBC interviewer threw at him.

Secondly, the BBC programme went into the story that on September the 11th, a news presenter said live on air that a tower had collapsed, while both towers were still standing upright behind her in the TV shot. I can’t remember how the BBC explained for this.

Over the years, I found it noticeable that people questioning the U.S. government's official account are most of the time negatively talked about on TV and in the newspapers. There is a sarcastic tone in the nickname they got: 'truthers'. Surely, there will be downright nutters among these people, for whom no explanation is bizarre or grotesque enough, but I think there are also a lot of people among the truth-seekers who are professionals in building, in aviation, and who on the basis of their expertise and experience are simply asking good questions.

And the people with good questions haven't always been bashed by the old media.

There was a broadcast of the TweeVandaag programme in my country, in 2006, in which two people were raising several very sharp questions, casting doubt on the official narrative. One of them said history had shown that governments could take terrible decisions, if that served their agenda. The two interviewed persons were a British former cabinet minister by the name of Meacher, and a German former cabinet minister by the name of Von Bülow.

Robert Fisk, who I believe to be a renowned British journalist, had the guts to write the article 'Even I question the 'truth' about 9/11', in the newspaper The Independent of August the 25th, 2007.

In the Russian media, like Russia Today and, I've come across articles ironicly telling it must have been a heck of a coincidence that right on top of a pile of smoking rubble on Ground Zero, the intact passport of an Arab terrorist was found.

Another programme that made a lasting impression on me was also broadcast in my own country. The makers of the Zembla series had made an appointment with a Dutch civil engineer, a demolition expert. They showed him images of a collapsing building and asked him what kind of a collapse that was, in his expert opinion. He didn’t doubt for a moment to answer that it was a controlled demolition, you know, when they go into an abandoned building, drill holes in the walls and the columns and place dynamite in it.

Only after he had said that, the Zembla people told him he had been watching the collapse of the WTC7 building, the structure that was much smaller than the North and South Tower, and that went down several hours later on that day.

The demolition expert was clearly taken aback by this unexpected insight. As a viewer, you got the impression he felt tricked somehow. He realized of course that if 9/11 had truely been a controlled demolition, he had now inadvertently given ammo to those who are saying that 9/11 had indeed been a crime of monstrous proportions, but that the culprits were not, or not only, the nineteen Arab terrorists led by Osama Bin Laden.

And speaking of Osama Bin Laden, I can also recall having seen a TV programme in The Netherlands that showed undercover film footage of him, while he was talking to people close to him. In that secretly made recording, he showed his joy over the 'success' of the attack, but he also expressed amazement over the fact that the Twin Towers had collapsed entirely. I can remember that the TV voice-over said that America considered this undercover recording authentic.

However, in spite of the moments I just described, over the years since 2001, on the moments that I dared to think “could it really be...", I have always felt more than one inner obstacle that hold me back from unreservedly saying: "Yes, 9/11 was a conspiracy, but not carried out by Muslims”.

In the first place, I don’t want people to accuse me of anything evil without reason, so I shouldn’t go about groundlessly accusing others of anything evil either. In the second place, I simply can’t imagine 9/11 was a conspiracy because of the sheer monstrosity of it. I can’t get my head around it. I can’t take it in that any ruler could commit a crime that massive, against thousands of its own subjects, against its own cities, or knowingly let terrorists commit that crime and make sure the damage will be far greater than the terrorists could ever envisage.

But far more important than my private wrestling with what I can or cannot imagine, are these two points that I want to make, on the basis of two lines in the New Testament.

In the first place, the truth will always come to light; if not during our lifetime, then in the Afterlife. In Luke 12:2, Yeshua (Christ) says that “there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known”. That’s not an easy thing to accept when we think of those private matters that fill us with shame, but I think it offers great comfort and consolation to everyone who lost a loved one as the result of dark plans of malevolent rulers. So if there is indeed more darkness behind 9/11 than what we’ve always been told, it will once be out in the open, either here on Earth, or in the Afterlife.

Now, please don’t ask me in what shape this ‘informing everyone about everything’ will take place. I haven’t got a clue. That’s another matter I can’t imagine – but I do believe in it, just as I believe in God, Christ, Heaven and Hell, for the full understanding of which my brain is also too limited.

In the second place, the blood of the innocent will be revenged; if not during our lifetime, then in the Afterlife. That assurance is given in Romans 12:19, where the apostle Paul reminds his fellow Christians of God’s promise to take revenge for their sake.

And so, let’s now think of 9/11 again, of the thousands whose lives were lost or wrecked, and, since wars were ignited with 9/11 for a cause, of the masses of people who died in those wars, and in the terrorism inflamed by those wars. Let’s think of them, of all these victims, and let’s find solace in the certainty that if America’s rulers were indeed more involved in 9/11 than they want the American people to know, they - like everyone else - will once have God to answer to, amused by the mere thought as they may be now.

That said, I want to conclude by saying: may God bless those among the rulers and the system-loyal dignitaries who will one day convert to Him.

Richard Schoot, 24th September 2018 (with corrections on 26th September 2018)

The Western countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, as there are solid reasons to assume they’ve turned into Torahist dictatorships. It’s very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at

If you come to agree with my views, please remember that the only way out is a patient and peaceful way. Not a single person can be held solely responsible for the present situation. It looks like we are ruled by people who actually can’t help themselves they are misleaders, and we are letting them mislead us on and on.

Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others, before their anger causes them to do foolish things.

Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian Patriotic parties, and so the more people will get to know about this initiative, the greater the chance some true, constructive change in politics will ever come about.

So your drawing this website to other people’s attention would be very welcome, but now a warning is due. Since the 2013 revelations about the secret surveillance of our e-mails, phonecalls and internet surfing, sending an e-mail or calling someone up has become something you should think twice about. That’s the bitter and disgusting reality the Western world descended into, in the past half of a century, despite the sacrifice of nearly a hundred million lives in two world wars, and despite the huge defence costs it took to hold our own against Communism.

So I am a bit between a rock and a hard place here. On the one hand, I don’t want to see people land in trouble, and resisting malevolent rule has always been a very short road to trouble for people’s personal lives.

Yet on the other hand my initiative needs people to spread the word about this website, because the old media ignore it, and not for noble reasons, I fear.

If you are in a dilemma, my best advice to you would be to pray, and to ask God to help you choose between passivity and activism.

In my article Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?, as well as in the main text, I am exploring how the political change can be brought about, once the nations have become aware of Torahism.

Torahism is the forgotten evil in politics. It is forgotten because the Nazis were terribly aware of it, and Hitler’s crimes against the Jewish people were abysmal enough to make everyone with a heart ignore Torahism, let alone criticize it. That however created a unique window of opportunity for Torahism, and it is most probably exploiting that to the full, from the 1960s to the present day.

I sent my digital book to the academic world of Great Britain instead of my own country, for the reasons I put forward in the text ‘It is time to introduce myself’, 9th June 2005, on the initial page.

I am trying to conduct this initiative in the spirit of the Jew I am mentioning in the first line of this website.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.


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