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Do you want to know what I mean by
'psychological war against the whites'?

Do the mini test.

Down below, I have written four sentences.
Every sentence is written in the style of a newspaper headline.
And every sentence is mentioning one fact.
Once you've read them, I will ask you one question.
Here we go:

White surgeons saved thousands of
lives of black victims of gun crime

White policeman resuscitates black man
struck by cardiac arrest

White policeman shoots unarmed black suspect

For decades, white taxpayers have been
paying billions to help black people's nations

.... and this is my single question:

Which of these four sentences sounds the most familiar to you?

My guess is that it is the third one, about the shooting white police officer. If it's not, I fail to make my point. Yet, if it's indeed the third sentence that sounds the most familiar to you, we have stumbled upon something very important here. Again, every headline is stating a fact, a truth. Yet only this headline stands out, as something you heard many times before.

Why is that?

As I see it, it's because of the influence of the old media: television, newspapers, film, radio, schoolbooks. When white people are doing good things for black people, the old media either don't report on it, or they don't mention the fact that it was done by white people. Contrarily however, when white people have treated or are treating black people badly, the old media nearly always mention that it were white people.

I am not talking about this week's headlines and news stories.
I am talking about something that is going on for decades now, in America as well as in Europe.

One decade after the other, it's like this in the old media:

Up until the 19th century, white people hunted Africans down to deport them as slaves to America.
White rednecks lynched black people.
The Ku Klux Klan once had many prominent white Americans among its members.
White people made black people sit in the back of the bus.
A white man shot doctor King.
The whites in South Africa humiliated the blacks by the Apartheid system.
White Hollywood didn't recognize the talent of black actors, actresses and directors for a long time.
Racist whites indulge in spreading loathsome insults of black people on social media.
Young blacks feel humiliated by the police's stop-and-search because it makes them the victims of racial profiling.

The talk in the old media is always like that, in my opinion.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a line on the BBC World's website, saying that most of the farmland in South Africa is still owned by whites, a small percentage of the population.
As if it is an absolute disgrace.

Now, what is the longterm result of this deliberate media policy?

Before we look into that, we have to realize the truth of a very simple fact:

What the media are telling us, enters our memories.
What the media are not telling us, does not enter our memories.

So because of the media, the bad things whites have done or are doing to blacks, enter the memories of both white and black people. The good things the whites have done or are doing for the blacks, don't enter the memories of the whites and the blacks.

This imbalance in the opinion climate results in many whites having the idea, somewhere in their subconscience, that the white race has always failed the black race. And since many whites want to see the world to be a good place for everybody, they will be inclined to make up for all these things those bad óther whites did wrong.

So they nod in approval when they hear shortsighted politicians say on television that "discrimination" is a bad thing. They will benignly think 'these people came here for a better future' when they see African, Arab or Asian people move into a house further down the street. They will volunteer to guide the newcomers through the town. They will continue to vote for the socalled centreground parties which are all letting the immigration go on and on, and which simply refuse to robustly protect the borders against illegal migrants. (On the contrary, these parties attack countries like Hungary and Italy, whose patriotic governments seek to maintain or restore border control.)

In short, these wellmeaning but naive whites don't realize that by the way they vote, they are harming the longterm interest of their own nation. The presence of large groups of people with a totally different mindset will inevitably burden the nation with tensions, with violence. Prolonged ethnical and racial mixing will make the original people slowly disappear on their own territory.

It's difficult to write that down, especially the last one. I can imagine that if you are of mixed-race descent yourself, or if you know mixed-race couples, or have a partner from a different race or nation yourself, you might easily feel offended. I assure you that that is not my purpose whatsoever. Yet, just as it is your right to choose your own partner, it is my right to point out what will happen to a country if everyone would follow your example.

We have to be heading for a world in which the nations live peacefully side by side, and I will never claim that the whites have always been angels in their dealings with the other races, absolutely not. There is however a grave imbalance in how the media are reporting about these matters, a systematic imbalance to the disadvantage of the whites. That is distorting our view on the world, so much so that it is troubling every race-related discussion about what has to be done to make that world a bit better.

The Western media are in the wrong hands. Please read the main text if you're interested in whose hands I think they are, and I challenge you to find one line in that text that is inciting hatred - you won't. Yet the truth about the misuse of the media has to be told: by feeding the people's minds with a distorted view on the world, many good-natured people can be brought to unsuspectingly think and vote in ways that may very well jeopardize the future existence of their own nation - and that is psychological warfare.

You can often hear people in the old media say that "the European Union has brought a long period of peace and prosperity in Europe like never before." Psychological war however is a violation of peace too, but I've never heard an EU official admit that anti-white psychological warfare is a way to destroy a European nation.

Finally, this: I got the idea for the second sentence, about the resuscitating policeman, from an article in a Dutch car magazine (Autoweek 32-2013). The reporter had been accompanying police officers in their car for a day, and at one point one of the officers told him: "During my years on the beat, I resuscitated about 70 people, but you never hear or read anything about that."

Richard Schoot, 10th October 2018

P.S.: You will have noticed that I put the word discrimination in quotation marks. That's because I find a public discussion is needed about that overused word. When should we say: "That's discrimination"? And when should we say: "That's doing justice to differences"?

The Western countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, as there are solid reasons to assume they’ve turned into Torahist dictatorships. It’s very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at

If you come to agree with my views, please remember that the only way out is a patient and peaceful way. Not a single person can be held solely responsible for the present situation. It looks like we are ruled by people who actually can’t help themselves they are misleaders, and we are letting them mislead us on and on.

Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others, before their anger causes them to do foolish things.

Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian Patriotic parties, and so the more people will get to know about this initiative, the greater the chance some true, constructive change in politics will ever come about.

So your drawing this website to other people’s attention would be very welcome, but now a warning is due. Since the 2013 revelations about the secret surveillance of our e-mails, phonecalls and internet surfing, sending an e-mail or calling someone up has become something you should think twice about. That’s the bitter and disgusting reality the Western world descended into, in the past half of a century, despite the sacrifice of nearly a hundred million lives in two world wars, and despite the huge defence costs it took to hold our own against Communism.

So I am a bit between a rock and a hard place here. On the one hand, I don’t want to see people land in trouble, and resisting malevolent rule has always been a very short road to trouble for people’s personal lives.

Yet on the other hand my initiative needs people to spread the word about this website, because the old media ignore it, and not for noble reasons, I fear.

If you are in a dilemma, my best advice to you would be to pray, and to ask God to help you choose between passivity and activism.

In my article Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?, as well as in the main text, I am exploring how the political change can be brought about, once the nations have become aware of Torahism.

Torahism is the forgotten evil in politics. It is forgotten because the Nazis were terribly aware of it, and Hitler’s crimes against the Jewish people were abysmal enough to make everyone with a heart ignore Torahism, let alone criticize it. That however created a unique window of opportunity for Torahism, and it is most probably exploiting that to the full, from the 1960s to the present day.

I sent my digital book to the academic world of Great Britain instead of my own country, for the reasons I put forward in the text ‘It is time to introduce myself’, 9th June 2005, on the initial page.

I am trying to conduct this initiative in the spirit of the Jew I am mentioning in the first line of this website.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.


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