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The tensions between Washington and Moscow over the INF treaty

On October the 20th, President Trump announced that America would withdraw from the INF treaty that was signed by America and Russia in 1987. The treaty was meant to abolish all ground-based missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometres and with the possibility to carry a nuclear charge. According to Washington, Russia has been violating the INF treaty by producing missiles of a new type. On October the 23rd, President Trump added that America would enlarge its arsenal of nuclear weapons, blaming Russia's and China's behaviour for that.

How President Putin reacted to America's announcement can for instance be seen in a video that was put on YouTube by Vesti News, a Russian news programme. This video is dated October the 24th and it is titled: Europe will become a battlefield: Putin bluntly explains what discarding INF treaty means

Answering the question of a journalist, President Putin said that the problem didn't arise two or three days ago, but much longer ago than that. According to the Russian President, America had already been reserving budgets for a new situation and the U.S. Congress had already given its go-ahead, so President Trump's statement should merely be viewed as the announcement of a step that was prepared long ago.

Mr Putin continued by announcing that Russia would take similar measures as America would do: the country would also produce and position new medium-range nuclear-armed missiles. He foresaw the rise of a situation comparable to the 1970s and 1980s, when America and Russia (as the main country of the USSR) were also engaged in a stand-off with weapons that could destroy Europe.

Yet, rather than letting a new arms race ignite and possibly get out of control, President Putin preferred to co-operate with what he called his American partners to prevent all of this from happening. In the October video, Mr Putin mentioned the date of November the 11th, on which he and President Trump were scheduled to have talks in Paris.

So far for the Vesti News video. According to an article on the website of German magazine Der Spiegel, President Putin had also commented on President Trump's annoucement by saying: "I don't understand why it is necessary to expose Europe to such a dangerous situation."

On November the 11th, the two presidents met in Paris, on the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of the First World War. President Putin was friendliness itself towards his American counterpart. He gave Mr Trump a thumbs-up and a cordial pat on the arm. Such nice gestures may be spontaneous and heartfelt among ordinary people, but on the stage of global politics, gestures like these are calculated and planned, as they have a strong symbolical meaning. The scene was watched by German Chancellor Mrs Merkel and it clearly amused her; she smiled.

The two heads of state were then to have one-on-one talks during the G20 conference, which took place on November 30 and December 1 in Argentina. President Trump however cancelled these talks, referring to the clash between the Ukrainian and Russian vessels in the Strait of Kerch, to the east of the Crimea peninsula. The Kremlin had to find out about Mr Trump's annulment by reading Twitter, but the leaders have nonetheless briefly spoken to one another in Buenos Aires, if I am not mistaken.

The last state of affairs is - as far as I know - that on December the 4th, the Foreign Secretaries of the NATO countries reproached Russia for breaching the INF treaty and called upon the country to comply with it still. American Foreign Secretary Mr Pompeo gave Russia an ultimatum of 60 days to comply. If not, America would withdraw from the treaty. On December the 5th, President Putin repeated what he had said in October. If the US cancels the treaty, Russia will arm herself with short range and medium range missiles likewise. President Putin said that Russia is against terminating the treaty, but that America had already long been planning to distance itself from the agreement. According to Mr Putin, America was wrongly justifying its course by pointing at socalled Russian violations of the treaty.

Now, what's going on here? In my opinion, there are four possibilities:

1) President Trump is right and President Putin is not telling the truth.
2) President Putin is right and President Trump is not telling the truth.
3) Both President Trump and President Putin know there are two sides to the story, but they only tell the narrative that suits them best, in a bid to win over world opinion and to assure their own nations they have the best interests of the country and world peace at heart.

4) The fourth possibility is that the true cause of the INF treaty tensions is something very different from what both presidents are saying about these tensions in public. Before exploring that fourth possibility, a short introduction:

It's as good as certain that America is ruled by Torahist Jewry, which I call 'the East Coast Empire' in the main text. The East Coast Empire knows that Russia knows about the power of Torahist Jewry in the West. It's a power that most Westerners don't know about, as the old media never report on it. The ECE also knows there is always a chance that the taboo on Torahism will once be broken. Once that happens, once Westerners in their hundreds of millions will begin to realize how epicly they have been deceived in the past fifty years, the situation in Western countries might become unstable, just like the East European countries became unstable in 1989 (Poland in fact as early as in 1980). The prospect of instability in the West is of course seen as a threat by Torahism, as it may result in the loss of its political power.

That's the introduction, now the theoretical possibility: a few days or weeks before October the 20th, Russia makes a move that profoundly disturbs the East Coast Empire. That Russian move is not seen or understood by the general public, but it has been seen by the ECE, and it has been interpreted by the ECE as a sign that Russia will misuse the instability that will arise once the taboo on Torahism is broken.

The ECE realizes that Russia will misuse that instability by expanding its power range, or 'sphere of influence' if you like, as far westward as possible. That expansion doesn't necessarily have to come in the shape of a military invasion (although nothing can be ruled out in our insane world). No, that Russian expansion can also take the shape of agreements between the Putin administration and new governments in the European countries, governments with those political parties on board that since the 1960s have been marginalized by the Torahism-dominated order.

There are now quite a few European parties that are usually called 'rightwing populist' or 'far right'. It's likely a number of them will be more than prepared to entertain good relations with a Russia that provides their nations with all sorts of attractive economic agreements, in exchange for allowing Russia to build military bases in their countries, as "to deter foreign powers from threatening the new alliances in Europe", as the Kremlin's narrative will go.

So, having understood this indication of Russia's intentions, having seen this glimpse of Mr Putin's what-if-scenario, the ECE decides to deter the Kremlin from raising a grabbing hand towards Europe in the strongest possible way it can think of: by the threat of a nuclear war, to be battled out in Europe and Russia. The first step is putting an unreasonable ultimatum to Russia that the country can't comply with. In their next step, America's rulers will have a pretext to tell the world: "Look how Russia is violating treaties and creating tensions. We simply have to place new missiles in Europe. It's not our choice, but they make us do it."

In this way, America's rulers are silently saying to President Putin: "Don't you dare and try to profit from anti-Torahist instability in Europe, might it arise. Ban the thought of getting in our way totally out of your head, or you get war."

Since he never addresses the Mosaic problem in his country, President Trump could hardly be expected to candidly say the above to the world. So he bases his announcement of October the 20th on the accusation that Russia is violating the 1987 treaty. It's merely meant to fool the general public inside and outside America about the true origin of these new tensions with Russia.

President Putin has another communication problem. President Trump's announcement has surprised him. He hadn't seen it coming. He feels caught in the act somehow and realizes that his dream of expanding Russia's power in Europe's direction, "alertly" misusing a period of great turmoil in the West, has now backfired. Russia, having been the target of imperialist powers in gruesome periods, was now to serve an imperialist agenda herself under Putin's leadership, but sees herself, as a result of it, unexpectedly confronted with the chance of a new and costly arms race - if the whole mess doesn't deteriorate into the Third World War, that is.

To distance the public's mind as far from that insight as possible, President Putin comes up with the statement I mentioned in the above.

The statement is well-crafted.

He emphasizes that America has been planning this for ages, to distract the attention from the move that he recently made and that started this trouble.

He pretends not to understand why Europe should be exposed to the risk of becoming a nuclear battlefield. In that way, he is hiding that it was his westward ambition that led America's rulers to react in the way that they did. He wants Europe to consider America the source of the trouble, not Russia.

By reminding the general public of the situation in the 1970s and 1980s, he is playing at the anti-American sentiments that many leftwing Europeans had at the time, and perhaps still have. They will remember, he hopes, how they walked along in the great peace demonstrations of that era. With a little luck, they and the generation after them will view these times as similar to those. Again, Russia must be seen as the innocent party in this.

He announces that, if necessary, Russia too will develop new short range and medium range missiles. He announces it in an almost casual way, as to hide that he knows very well that America's head start in armaments technology is unsurpassable, and that a new arms race would cost Russia waggonloads of money.

His talking about the U.S. as Russia's "American partners", the thumbs-up, the pat on the arm, his repeated wish to have talks with President Trump, these are all signs he energeticly tries to tranquillize the situation that he himself has disturbed.

So far for this fourth possibility. Please note, it's not an attempt to reconstruct what has happened. It's more a thinking-aloud about what might have happened, in the days before and after October the 20th - there are still three other possibilities.

For my view on the relationship between President Trump and the East Coast Empire, please read the text of January the 9th, 2018, on the initial page.

With regard to Russia: I am a Westerner to the core, but people who have been following my initiative know that I have repeatedly paid my respect to Russia's formidable role in the Second World War, and that I have repeatedly made an effort to look at world affairs from a Russian perspective.

Richard Schoot, 12th December 2018

The Western countries are in very big trouble, in my opinion, as there are solid reasons to assume they’ve turned into Torahist dictatorships. It’s very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at

If you come to agree with my views, please remember that the only way out is a patient and peaceful way. Not a single person can be held solely responsible for the present situation. It looks like we are ruled by people who actually can’t help themselves they are misleaders, and we are letting them mislead us on and on.

Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others, before their anger causes them to do foolish things.

Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian Patriotic parties, and so the more people will get to know about this initiative, the greater the chance some true, constructive change in politics will ever come about.

So your drawing this website to other people’s attention would be very welcome, but now a warning is due. Since the 2013 revelations about the secret surveillance of our e-mails, phonecalls and internet surfing, sending an e-mail or calling someone up has become something you should think twice about. That’s the bitter and disgusting reality the Western world descended into, in the past half of a century, despite the sacrifice of nearly a hundred million lives in two world wars, and despite the huge defence costs it took to hold our own against Communism.

So I am a bit between a rock and a hard place here. On the one hand, I don’t want to see people land in trouble, and resisting malevolent rule has always been a very short road to trouble for people’s personal lives.

Yet on the other hand my initiative needs people to spread the word about this website, because the old media ignore it, and not for noble reasons, I fear.

If you are in a dilemma, my best advice to you would be to pray, and to ask God to help you choose between passivity and activism.

In my article Suppose, the reversal takes place next week. Then what?, as well as in the main text, I am exploring how the political change can be brought about, once the nations have become aware of Torahism.

Torahism is the forgotten evil in politics. It is forgotten because the Nazis were terribly aware of it, and Hitler’s crimes against the Jewish people were abysmal enough to make everyone with a heart ignore Torahism, let alone criticize it. That however created a unique window of opportunity for Torahism, and it is most probably exploiting that to the full, from the 1960s to the present day.

I sent my digital book to the academic world of Great Britain instead of my own country, for the reasons I put forward in the text ‘It is time to introduce myself’, 9th June 2005, on the initial page.

I am trying to conduct this initiative in the spirit of the Jew I am mentioning in the first line of this website.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.


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