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The text below also constitutes section 7.1 of the main text.

Address to the few upon whose choices depends so much: adolescent Jews, growing up in a Torahist environment


Whenever people are separated by distrust, enmity, fear and hate, there remains always the consoling thought that language may convey emotions, insights, perspectives which will spark a beginning of understanding at the other side, and this is such an effort.

Firstly, let me tell you something about the indoor world I was raised in.

My parents didn't have a bible and my father wasn't born British. He was a hard-working and gifted mechanic whose pride was a second-hand Rover saloon he was able to keep in good shape for many years. My father had also a keen interest in history. He loved to read about ancient peoples. He was raised in a left-wing environment, my grandfather had been active in the social democratic movement in the 1930s. In a juvenile burst to fight the troops of Franco, my father once tried to hitchhike to Spain, but he never got there. My father had a German mother. In the first year of the Second World War, my father voluntarily went to work in Germany, not out of affection for the Nazis, because he hadn't any, but because he wanted to escape the tensions in his elderly home and this seemed to be the best option to him. Life is complex. After a year, he tried to return to his occupied native country, but he was caught by the German police and did some time in jail. In the remaining years of the war, he was ordered to work in Germany's war industry, which he did. In the summer of 1942 he was invited to visit a NSDAP office. A party official there offered him to become a 'Volksdeutscher', a form of German citizenship that was open to people with one German parent. Had he accepted that, life would have become much easier for him, but he refused out of patriotic loyalty. When he explained this, the party official was amazed to hear a foreigner turning down that great offer, because Germany's expansion was at its peek then, without anyone realizing it, the Wehrmacht being victorious in Southern Russia and Northern Africa at the same time. Later on, my father survived many bombardments on German cities. In the streets of Stuttgart he saw the asphalt burning, and things he never even thought flammable, as a fire storm laid the city in ashes. Do you know what a fire storm is? Fires need oxygen, so great fires need a lot of oxygen. The fire can become so big, that the air flowing to the fire becomes a storm, which will of course fan the fire, which will increase the storm, and so on. Fire storms incinerated countless German elderly, women, children and babies. And during all these years, my father saw the Nazi news reels in the cinemas and he read the Nazi newspapers.

Their propagandistic contents got to my father long after the war. While we were watching TV in the years I grew up, the 60s and 70s, Hitler's allegations about the Jewish media came to his mind and he told his family all about it. I was an easy victim, because I fully understood what my father was pointing out, I came to see the undermining things too. My father, who had had Jewish friends before the war, had become an anti-Semite and during my twenty-two years stay in my elderly home I, and both my brothers, were drenched in his anti-Semitism. The characteristics of the Jewish face, the gestures, the Jews want to rule the world by the force of money, they want to deceive the other nations, typical Jewish surnames, the lot. As the country started to degenerate, he became to admire Hitler in hindsight. He watched all TV documentaries on the war and when the narrator would say something like: 'This was Hitler's first strategic blunder and many were to follow...', he became angry sometimes, saying: 'Hitler made only one mistake: he should have won the war.' My mother did try to curb him for our sake, but she was much younger than him and her factual knowledge didn't match up to his. Besides, her own parents weren't exactly great friends of the Jews either. As from early childhood, I've heard nothing else but 'the Jews are no good, well, OK, they're not all bad of course'.

Although I've never been a Nazi, the Hitlerite brainwashing my brothers and I couldn't possibly avoid, has left some embarrassing traces in me. I've seen every documentary with a swastika in it. I can't help being fascinated by German tanks, a rather un-Christian fascination. I used to build plastic scale models of them, when I was a teenager. I have wandered about in the city centre of Berlin many times, intrigued by both the Wall and the remnants of the Reich. Although I am neatly making a distinction between Torahist and non-Torahist Jews in this text, simply because I know that there are non-Torahist Jews, I never catch myself saying 'damned Torahists' in private when I am cross. Someone I know calls me 'Bobby' sometimes, the name of one of the Hitler clones in 'The boys from Brazil' - and then we laugh. It's a shame to admit it, and I don't want you to misunderstand me, but then we laugh. The awareness of being brought up with the wrong ideas creates an uncomfortable feeling, a nervous outcast feeling, that needs to be laughed away.

So whenever the issue is parental indoctrination, I know what I am talking about.

I know that I am telling you a number of highly delicate personal things here, of my own accord, which candour can be used against me in disgusting ways, my opponents will get even more ammunition later on, but I feel that the suffering your people went through gives you the right to know where I am coming from.

Back to my adolescence. Everything my father was telling me, got a sinister ring on an evening in the early 1970s, when the TV series 'The World At War' paid attention to the Judeocide. I was utterly shocked by the images of the medical experiments. I was utterly shocked by the images of a shovel in a death camp and what it was shovelling. I sharply remember I then looked at my father. His face was petrified and he stammered something like: 'Well, I don't approve of that'. I found that sounded rather clumsy, but at least I was glad he felt appalled. So that's where it all has led to, I realized, this is what Nazi Germany has done to the Jews. This is what anti-Semitism has led to.

(By the way, I would never have published these things if my father were still alive. Ours was a complicated relationship, but I loved him. He died in 1994, may the love of God embed his soul.)

The images of the death camps, and an impressive film like 'Sophie's Choice', have been locking me in a dilemma for decades. On the one hand, the indignation, the concern, the anger sometimes about what the media, the Jews and their political friends were saying and doing, and on the other hand, the inner ban on anti-Semitic feelings, painfully aware what such feelings had once caused. My dilemma was aggravated by my growing up. I went to school, I got jobs, a girlfriend, I started to read books and magazines my father never read, I started to participate in society. And that society, I quickly discovered, was full of people who abhorred anti-Semitism, racism and deviating opinions on Hitler. I felt I had a terrible secret to protect, a secret that made me feel lonely for many years. Even my closest friends I have never told the things that I am revealing now.

And as years went by, I started to develop my own view on politics. Although I never ruled out the possibility of dark Jewish ways entirely, I began to understand that some remarks of the old man were simply paranoid. I read all interviews with politicians, especially those I strongly disagreed with, because I was eager to find out which convictions were driving them. I noticed I was glad with every 'nice' Jew saying something nice in the media, as if they were curing me from anti-Semitism, as if I wanted them to prove my father wrong, horrified by the Holocaust as I was, and gradually, I began to believe that the liberal-progressive dominance in the opinion climate was just an understandable and good-natured reaction to the excesses of national-socialism and colonialism - until my first political experience in June 1999.

A year later, in 2000, I read an interview with Horst Mahler. A bit of a Teutonic fundamentalist, he was associated with the far left terrorists of the Rote Armee Fraktion in the 1970s, but he is now a member of the NPD*, which party is regarded as far right by Germany's current rulers. The NPD wants to give Germany back to the Germans, there are now eleven million foreigners there, and the party says it is rejecting violence. Its opponents however say that people 'in the vicinity' of the NPD do commit violence. In the interview, Mr Mahler said some things I agreed with rightaway. About the globalization for instance: 'The only task of today's states is to suppress the resistance of the peoples against it'. Towards the end of the article however, Mr Mahler came to speak about the Jews. He alleged that the Jews were the driving force behind the globalization, the Jewish bankers of the US East Coast in particular. And then he added: 'Their holy books are summoning the Jewish elite to do so'. Now, my first thought was: 'A German attacking the Jews. Here we go again'. But later on in that year I found Mr Mahler's website, and in one of his texts he quoted Isaiah 34:2,3, and that's how I found out about the Painful Passages**. (The argument that we are managing our countries for our posterity, was his, I learnt it in a later interview with him. Mr Mahler has also a number of views I reject.)

In hindsight, I find it amazing that I discovered these texts so late. Hasn't my father ever told me anything about them? I have only some vague recollections he did, but he never opened a bible to show me where they could be found. In the first classes of primary school we read fragments of the Old and the New Testament. I can faintly remember the 'expelling' bit.

In 2001, I re-read the New Testament and I was profoundly touched by it. I came to understand the essential difference between the Mosaic and the Christian faith. What do you do with the things you know but others don't? Do you use your 'knowledge surplus' against them in order to get on top of them, even to harm them, to ruin them? Or do you share your surplus with them, for the benefit of both parties? Is knowledge to be used as a weapon or as a tool?

Needless to say that my discovery strongly influenced my political views. The fairy-tale of the great Jewish conspiracy wasn't a fairy-tale after all: the Painful Passages are black-on-white, for everybody to see, instructions for it. When today's schoolbooks and media are claiming that 'the Jews have always been persecuted because the other peoples made them the scapegoats in times of trouble', they are distorting things at best and downright lying at worst. I discovered that the Painful Passages provide for a solid explanation for the anti-Jewish hate throughout the centuries. I remembered my dad saying: 'The Jews were hated by the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Spaniards, the French, the Poles, the Russians, the Germans, the Hungarians and so on. Now, what's more likely, that there is something wrong with the Jews, or that there is something wrong with all those other peoples?'

An extremely awkward question has to be asked and answered in full detail. This will hurt your feelings and I am sorry for that, but if I don't address this issue, my silence will be used against me. Did my discovery of the Painful Passages originate even the slightest form of approval for the Shoah in me? No, it didn't, but let me be perfectly honest with you. Hitler's world view was predominantly shaped by the horrors of the First World War, in which he served at the Western Front. He has seen the naked bodies of his comrades hanging in the trees after artillery barrages, only wearing their boots, because the blast of the explosion had disintegrated the fabric of their uniforms, but not the leather, and prominent Jews probably played a dark role in the continuation of that demonic conflict, I'll come to that later. In 1941, Hitler was probably worrying that a revolution, led by Jews, could cause Germany lose the war. Before the October Revolution, Europe's left expected the first communist revolution to occur in Germany, not in Russia. Reveling in his anti-Semitism, he seemed neither willing nor able to have some understanding for the Jewish background. Hitler may have read the Painful Passages. And by reason of all of this, I can mentally reconstruct the moment that Hitler, perhaps in a rage, gave Himmler the fatal order. Please note: mentally reconstruct. Not: justify. Not: gloss over. Not: approve. Not: play down. Not stealthily sowing the beginning of any of these verbs. Just: reconstruct. But what I can't possibly imagine, is that he didn't cancel the order within ten minutes.

I don't know what God wants us to do. How could I? I am just a fleshy ant, tripping around on one of His billions of driplets of cooling lava, just like you are. But I am sure He doesn't want us to chase elderly, unarmed men and children and drive them into gas chambers, whichever filthy intentions they can be associated with. I am also pretty sure He doesn't want Israel to bomb European cities, for that matter. Can you imagine I am worried sick by Jews talking about nuclear wars? Are you too?

Later on in 2001, I suddenly realized that there haven't always been Painful Passages. For many millennia, there must have been a Jewish people in existence before Moses stretched his first papyrus scroll to write on it, and that insight has liberated me, to my great relief, of most of the anti-Semitism I've been indoctrinated with. And the residue of it, well, I genuinely feel that I am the master of it. It took me a long time to get there, but when I see a Jew today, I firstly see a fellow man, and then a Jew. And these thoughts gave me the idea that I was ready for writing this text.

I am anti-Nazi, but I am also anti-Torahist and I haven't discovered any contradiction in that. Why should I accept that members of your people confuse and slowly ruin mine? I don't. Does that make me an anti-Semite? You give the answer. Does that make me a hater of the Jewish babies, born yesterday and today, all over the world? You give the answer.

What do they know about the Torah now, lying in their cradles?

You give the answer.

Maybe Mr Sharon will call me an anti-Semite, but that would be slander. Do you know when my anti-Torahism would also be anti-Semitism? If others were at the same thing too, and I wouldn't mention that. Suppose, a number of Fins were worshipping a god called Yahwehouualua and they were learning the Finnorah and they were building fynagogues everywhere, and I wouldn't worry about that, only about the Torahists, then I would be an anti-Semite.


It is not true that the non-Jews have a Jewish problem. Both the Jews and the non-Jews have a Mosaic problem. Now, take a deep breath, for here it comes: you and I are allies, in a sense. What I am hoping for, is that your generation or a future generation will take a step back in order to have a neutral look at Moses's writings, as you are now approaching the age you can do some serious thinking of your own, and here are some thoughts I invite you to reflect on:

Moses isn't anywhere paying attention to what you might call 'the cheat's hell'. Oh, things may go very well for the cheat a long time. He is dazzling the fools around him with aptly put nonsense, with nonsense that even seems to have a strong logic, and his inner self is laughing about the sheeplike expression on their faces while he is cheating them, and he is able to make a nice living out of it. But not all the fools around him are equally stupid of course, in fact, some of them are pretty smart, and one day, he hears an lengthy and friendly argument of one of those not-so-stupid fools and, well, he isn't directly able to point out what is bothering him, but that argument seems to contain a couple of sentences or words, that, no, it can't be... although... is that man silently saying that he is seeing what the cheat is up to? No, it can't be, he looks so friendly. But then again, many fools are saying the same thing about him. After all, they are fools.... How on earth can he find out whether or not the other guy has found out about him? Who is that man talking with when he is out of sight? And about what? And about whom?

The Torahists - your parents, aunts and uncles, rabbis, politicians - are constantly living in the cheat's hell that Moses has created. I once read a book written by a Jewess, not the same I mentioned before, in which she was analyzing texts and remarks of anti-Semites, alleged, real or neither. That was some reading stuff. Constantly suspecting double layers, and layers beyond the layers and layers behind the layers, I was exhausted when I finished reading. The post-Holocaust trauma couldn't explain for it entirely, in my view. What are the Jews doing to themselves, I then thought. Later on, it didn't amaze me to learn that Jews are seeing psychiatrists more than their share.

Moses is presenting HaShem as a wrathful force. If the Jews lose their respect for the ethics HaShem dictated, he will ruthlessly take revenge on them. Moses foresees that a future disobedient Jewish nation will come under attack of a mighty enemy, that will serve as HaShem's instrument of wrath. But there are two psychological mechanisms which Moses doesn't mention. In the first place, he must have had the insight that Torahism would grow the Jews a bad reputation amongst the other nations, and that some of these nations would come to think: 'We'll keep those Jews from harming us by striking them first'. Moses must have understood that this idea would arise. It's predictable. The second thing that Moses doesn't write, is that, no matter how decently and chastely a people may be living, every now and then the reins are slackened. 'Sure, we have to behave ourselves, but now let's fool around for a while.' It's something in mankind. It is as if the longing for excesses slowly accumulates in the people, until it bursts out in the open for a while. (Even those who will now object that the moral decline of the West is perhaps caused by precisely that, have to admit that that is no excuse for media owners to make matters even worse.) But Moses doesn't mention this human quality either. Why doesn't he ask your attention for these two things? Because he doesn't want the Jews to realize that they are being attacked because of the malignant activities he is ordering. The moment the Jews come under attack, Moses wants them to think: 'There you have it, we have been massively immoral fifty years ago, or hundred-and-fifty years ago, and HaShem is now punishing us.' Moses is misusing a weakness that every people have, to distract the attention of the Jews from the true origins of anti-Jewish violence, because he doesn't want the Jews to doubt the necessity of Torahist activities.

By means of the Torah, the late Moses is confusing the Jews.

There is this part in which he is talking an angry HaShem out of a plan to hit the Jews and he brings in the argument that HaShem will look like a failure in the eyes of the peoples around them. Well, we can't blame Moses for not knowing the things we know today, but do you think that the creative force behind 5,000 times a 1,000,000,000 times a 1000,000,000 stars, going back 13,000,000,000 years, can be impressed by this kind of two-bit spin doctoring? And speaking of the universe, how can your rabbis believe that the Jews are the Chosen People, when mankind can't even be sure that earth is the Chosen Planet?

What kind of man was Moses anyway? Let's have a look at some of the things he wrote about himself. As from early childhood, he is being told that his is the future of a prince, a mighty man, perhaps one day reigning over the most astonishing civilisation of his time - Egypt, the Empire of the North and the South. Moses is a brilliant man, an unequalled connoisseur of the human psyche, probably intellectually superior to everyone else around him. But fate tragically struck him, as his great mind is twarthed by a speech defect, scrambling his fast thinking and sublime analysing into the jabbering of a sputterer. How must life at court have been for him, handicapped by that flaw, in those harsh times? When he hears errors in the advices of the counsellors, he isn't able to quickly expose them. Think of the nearly invisible contempt of the servants, smiling at him in that indefinable way you can't in fairness let them castigate for. The generals with loud voices that fill the hall, boasting about the war plans they are presenting to the ruler of Egypt and his company, and who then look at Moses and say: 'And now we are all very curious of course what Moses has to say about this!' Think of the frustrations, the humiliations. But every day, he is holding on to time that will once put him in charge.

And that unhappy man finds out he isn't born for the throne at all. He is not even Egyptian, but the son of miserable slaves, he nearly got killed when he was a baby. The world around him, initially promising him power and glory, now surprisingly shows its true grim face to him. It spits him out as if he is an insect in a bite of food. The world has been deceiving Moses all this time. He feels being screwed by life itself. He sees an Egyptian overseer maltreating one of his newfound brothers, and he deliberately kills him, not on the spur of the moment, but after some consideration, for he looks around him first as to check whether there are any witnesses. Moses becomes a murderer. Later on, he finds out that there have been witnesses. Moses is a clumsy murderer.

Moses. A well-mannered, well-educated stammerer. A clumsy speaker and a clumsy murderer, known to be a murderer. A man with shattered hopes, utterly humiliated. A desert for a palace. A man whose grandiose misfortune fills him with fury and hate against the entire world, and he becomes obsessed to leave his mark, no matter what it takes and no matter how long it takes - and Moses is still a brilliant man, he is still an unequalled connoisseur of the human psyche. And the moment he realizes that the Jews are the most intelligent people around, he, a man who is trained to lead a people, starts thinking of ways of posthumously becoming the absolute ruler of an empire, incomparably much greater than the kingdom he was denied during his lifetime.

A spiritual pioneer, he teaches your people about the omnipresence and omnipotence of HaShem, and about ways of suppressing man's beastly urges. He sees that the moral arrears and the lesser intelligence of the other nations can be used against them. Moses sees that knowledge can be used as a lethal weapon. He looks at the three-year-olds and four-year-olds of his own people, playing with sand and pebbles, and he thinks: 'They must become my obedient instruments, and their children and grandchildren too'. He founds this indoctrinating culture that leads the Jews on a road that's actually a circular and thus endless tunnel with only one entrance and no exit. Moses wants to be the eternal hostage-taker of the Jews, and your older relatives are his hostages to the present day, fully answering to the hostage-taker's ideal hostage: people who aren't even aware of their imprisonment, and who will therefore never try to break out. He deforms the Jewish identity into Judeocentrism. Moses wants the Jews to be distrusted and hated, for that will make them stick together, wherever they live. The Star of David can be seen as a hexagone, one of nature's basic shapes, surrounded by six sharp Vs, pointing aggressively at the outside world. Of course he foresees that his plan will cost many Jewish lifes, but he doesn't give a damn, because he is only interested in his own legacy. He already plunged your people into a civil war during their stay in the Sinai to purify them from rebellious inclinations. Moses wants the Jews to be hated, because he knows that only the fuel of Jewish vindictiveness, replenished generation after generation, can produce the enormous amounts of energy a small people need to fulfil his megalomaniac ambitions.

Despite his undeniable qualities as a leader, as a philosopher, despite his great literary talent, Moses was, in the final analysis, a man who was deeply confused himself.

That isn't Moses-bashing. There have been other pioneers in whom genius and insanity got intertwined. Nietzsche got insane, Van Gogh, others. There have been other leaders, who were totally impervious to the suffering of their own people: Robespierre, Pol Pot, others.

Next time you are reading the Painful Passages, just ask yourself: 'Am I reading the words of a man who loves me, or the words of a man who loves his ambition?'


The Jews are neither Moses's invention nor his property. So in my view, the people of Israel need a second Moses to bring them back from the desert of loneliness the first one led them into. Maybe that guide will be one of your grandchildren, or one of your children, and why should we rule out the possibility that it is you? What must be the Jewish attitude in life? That's for you to find out. Try to find out how those ancient Jews were looking at things. Try to connect with Isaiah's better moods. There have been a pre-Mosaic, pre-Torahist people of Israel, so there can be a post-Mosaic, post-Torahist people of Israel. You and I both know how important the written words are in Jewish culture. So please take a piece of paper and write 'the post-Torahist people of Israel' on it in Hebrew. Do it out in the open, in a field somewhere. Be a sitting duck for HaShem - Yahweh, that is. I predict you won't be struck by lightning.

These are perhaps not the right times to raise the issue. There is no peace in the Middle East and I can almost hear the Torahists saying: 'Now it's us! We warned the world of Hitler, but the world didn't want to listen and look what happened. So now we deserve to get on the top of the world and we will, we've got six million justifications for it! Now it's us!'

On the other hand, some important men have set admirable examples. In 2000 Pope John Paul II apologised for the former wrongs of the Catholic Church. Russian President Vladimir Putin exonerated the Germans from the Nazi crimes against his people, when he addressed the Bundestag in 2001 and said that no people should suffer from feelings of guilt forever.

Anyway, you and future generations will not allow the Mosaic madness to go on for another 3,500 years, that I am almost sure of. Your people can do better than this.

Don't you see? You don't need Torahism to maintain your people. If Torahism really was indispensable for the Jews to preserve themselves, there wouldn't have been any Jews around for Moses to write a Torah for. You don't need Torahism to prosper either. Since you belong to the most intelligent people, you and future generations will always do well economically. You will always see life's opportunities earlier than other peoples. OK, you're the smartest, so be it, someone has to be. In fact, only non-Torahist flourishing will be real flourishing. Only non-Torahist-flourishing will be flourishing without the paranoia, the distrust, the non-Jewish unhappiness, the hate, the revenge and the counterrevenge. Without the phonecalls to keep things out of the news.


We, I'm referring to the mankind 'we' now, are all in this "Earth" thing together, so why not develop and refine ways to make our temporary stay as nice and relaxed as possible? We can have such a nice planet. We have quite a lot of things at our disposal that can help us get there. We have gone through so much joy and misery in the past millennia, and we have records of it, so we can learn from earlier mistakes, enabling us to pass the pitfalls former generations have fallen in. We have the internet that offers us unprecedented possibilities to analyse all the major problems and to discuss the best possible solutions. We have this unprecedented level of technology that enables us to make almost everything happen almost everywhere. There is love and there will always be love. There is mutual care and there will always be mutual care. There is this desire for sincerity and justice and there will always be a desire for sincerity and justice. There is this longing to be able to trust other people, even those you don't know personally, and there will always be a longing to be able to trust other people. There is hope and there will always be hope.

But any effort to fruitfully work at that future, is pointless unless we realize that all our urges to gain wealth at the expense of other peoples' happiness, have actually become our own worst enemies, because our weapons have grown way above our heads. Their destructive powers break all records, which is of course the highly regrettable drawback of advancing technology. When the Second World War started, no-one could possibly foresee it would be concluded by two explosions of what were to be called 'atomic bombs'. In 2001, the world witnessed the destructive capacities of three passenger planes.

So in order to survive our urges to go to wars of conquest, we have to go to war against those urges - and conquer them. The nations shouldn't damage each other the 'hard' way (the Battles of the Somme, Operation Barbarossa, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Dresden, Hiroshima, chemical warfare in Vietnam), and the nations shouldn't damage each other the 'soft' way, the subversive way (Britain and Holland smuggling opium into Asian countries, the Russians psyching-down the inhabitants of the occupied Baltic countries after 1940, the Western media pressure since the 1960s). We have to put an end to our damaging, before our damaging puts an end to us. It doesn't even take a religious conviction to arrive at that conclusion. It has merely become a matter of common sense. We simply can't afford to behave like predictable imbeciles any longer, so that goes for you too.

So, live and let live.
Be teacherous, not treacherous.
And don't enlist for the Silent World War***.
In case there is any.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.

Richard, December 2003

Postscript 9th May 2007:
* After publication, I found out that the NPD is a neo-Nazi party. See my internet letter to the BNP's Mr Griffin.

** The 'Painful Passages' are 3,500-year-old Hebrew texts, by which Jewish children are being frightened and brainwashed to the present day. It is a tabooized fact of life that is originating a supremacist, even genocidal mentality within a part of Jewry.
*** In the main text, I'm unfolding the theory that television, film, newspapers and other old media are controlled by Torahist Jews, misusing these as instruments for a 'Silent World War', i.e. psychological warfare against the Christian white nations and communities of the West.
        On 9th June 2005, I revealed my identity on the initial page of the website in the text 'It is time to introduce myself'.

Britain, The Netherlands, Europe are in very big trouble, in my view. Our countries urgently need new political parties, Christian-patriotic parties, and it is very important to know what Torahism is. Please read my main text at
        If you come to agree with my views, please always remember that the only way out is a peaceful and patient way. Not a single foreigner or Jew can be held responsible for the country's present situation. Avoid confrontations that can easily turn overheated. Don't react to provocations. Please don't view the avoiding as cowardice. It isn't. Be strong, be calm and calm down others if their anger may cause them to do foolish things.

Long live the Jews, down with Torahism.

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